Mission Statement
The „Vasverő” Company was founded by Bence Kulcsár and Zsófia Buti. Our aim is to introduce our traditional values of wrought-iron products with the tendencies and design culture of our age to a wider audience. In the heart of Budapest this forge-shop has been operating for over a half century without a break under the direction of several people. From 2013 this place with respectable past starts to function with a new facade and renewed products. Special orders are welcomed but we don’t turn a cold shoulder to traditional, historical patterns and we also try to act on the tendencies of contemporary design trends.

I was grown up in an artist family and it was not a question that I was going to study in an artistic technical-college. I tried almost everything from graphic art to sculpture but somehow life drifted me to coinage. I spent my apprenticeship in Miskolc next to György Fata who is a well-known Hungarian designer and applied artist. I have been working in a forge-shop in the heart of Budapest nearly for 5 years. My aim is to keep alive and transmit this perishing craft but with an authentical design approach. I believe that there are many hidden potential in the forming of iron. Traditionally, I make everything by hand but my originally designed works point to the future.